It's our goal to provide your pets with the best veterinary care so they live long, healthy lives.

Vaccination Services for Cats and Dogs in Nashville, TN

Furry friends need vaccinations to stay safe and healthy – just like humans! Vaccines help prepare our pets' immune systems to defend against harmful diseases. These preventive measures can protect them from a wide array of health issues, some of which can be severe or even lethal. By vaccinating your pet, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing they will be ready to combat many common threats to their health. 

At Belle Meade Animal Hospital, we strongly advocate for vaccinating your dog or cat as part of their comprehensive health and wellness plan. Our seasoned veterinarians are well-equipped to provide all necessary pet vaccinations in Nashville, TN. Our recommended vaccination schedules are tailored to each pet's specific needs, considering factors such as age, breed, health status, and lifestyle.

If a puppy or kitten has joined your family, we encourage you to book an appointment by calling (615) 247-6984 or contacting us online. In addition to vaccinations, we can provide a comprehensive canine or feline wellness exam.

Pet Vaccinations

There are some considerations to keep in mind when vaccinating older pets. Unlike younger animals, older pets may have certain health conditions that vaccination could potentially affect. You should always have an experienced veterinarian conduct a comprehensive health check before deciding on an older pet’s vaccination plan. Our team will perform a detailed assessment of your pet's health status to determine the best course of action. We will only proceed with vaccinations if it is safe and beneficial for your pet!

It is never too late to get pet vaccinations in Nashville, TN. Contact us online or call (615) 247-6984 to book an appointment today!

Our Reviews

    “I just took my cat to Belle Meade Animal Hospital after a bad experience at another vet and it was the best experience I could have had. The whole staff is so kind from the front office staff, to the woman who took us to the room, & Dr. Roberts.”

    Sarah M.

    “The best vet you’ll ever need. They saved my dogs life. They heeled my golden retriever’s broken foot when two other vets couldn’t. The staff from the receptionist to the vet techs to the doctors are just fabulous.”

    Rod R.