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Chelsea DeVar

Veterinary Assistant

Chelsea lives in Kingston Springs with her husband, Jamison. She has three children, Lilly, Gage and Cora. She has 9 cats (Apollo, Wednesday, Han Solo, Sprinkles, Pina Colada, Mint Chip, Churro, Peaches and Mittens), six dogs (Beauty, River, Hermione, Gumbo, Bahama and Storm) several reptiles, a bobcat, chickens and a chinchilla.

She has worked in photography and landscaping. She is a Certified Fitness Instructor. Chelsea volunteered at the Memphis Zoo for seven years and helped her grandparents with their horses (they raised Appaloosas). She has always had a strong passion and interest for animals of all sorts. She enjoys journaling, gardening, reading a variety of books, caring for animals, being outdoors and in nature, fishing, cheering on the Denver Broncos and off roading in their Jeep.